lenox hill


Northwell will seek a complex rezoning of the entire block bounded by 76th to 77th Streets and Park to Lexington Avenues in order to more than double the heights and mass that are permitted under existing zoning laws. The proposed rezoning of the block will require environmental review by the Department of City Planning pursuant to City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) and, if certified by City Planning, approvals pursuant to the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). At various points in this process, there will be public hearings, before Community Board 8, the City Council, and City agencies, at which concerned residents and other members of the public may raise objections to Northwell’s alarming proposal that is entirely inappropriate for this site and the residential area that surrounds it.

The first public meeting as part of this formal rezoning process will be a “scoping meeting” conducted by the Department of City Planning, where the public may comment on the scope of the environmental review. Prior to commencement of the formal process, Community Board 8 is expected to invite Northwell to voluntarily present its proposal at a meeting where the public also will be invited to attend and comment.

“Northwell will seek several major zoning variances in order to build to heights and masses that are not allowed under current zoning regulations. They also want to carve out the Park Avenue / 76 Street corner for residential housing, which is not the current use.

For all of variances, New York City has a zoning appeals process known as ULURP (Uniform Land Use Review Procedure )

"The first formal step in the ULURP process was a hearing by the Zoning Committee of Community Board 8, held on Thursday night, September 19th. After a presentation by Lenox Hill Hospital executives and numerous responses by neighbors as well as the Committee to Save Our Lenox Hill, the Zoning Board UNANIMOUSLY RECOMMENDED TO DENY ZONING VARIANCES TO NORTHWELL !! "