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Voice your opposition to Northwell's "New" 2023 Plans for Lenox Hill Hospital



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Town Hall Meeting at St Jean Baptiste School, Main Entrance.

400 people; Liz Krueger, a NY state senator, spoke from the podium. She was passionate about her opposition to Northwell Health's building a gigantic hospital tower in our residential neighborhood. Her position was confirmed by the Chief of Staff to US Congressman Jerry Nadler who followed her on the program. The whole procedure was filmed: 

173 east 75th Street


Meeting Minutes

How might 11+ years of Northwell’s proposed Lenox Hill Hospital construction impact our community? What are some of the traffic and congestion implications for the UES? Will our Lenox Hill streets be more dangerous to navigate over the next decade?

If you share these concerns, be sure to attend our upcoming Town Hall, featuring former NY1 News political reporter, Zack Fink, as he moderates a fascinating panel of experts and members of our community, to address these topics and your questions, don’t miss it!

Committee to Protect Our Lenox Hill Neighborhood

Sept. 22nd 2023

'Bedpan Alley': Lenox Hill Hospital Expansion Pooh-Poohed By Locals

Sept. 20th 2023

Watch the Lenox Hill Town Hall Meeting

lenox hill

Archived Community Meetings



2-5 PM

NYC Department of City Planning, "Scoping Meeting"

You can watch the video of the meeting by clicking here.  You can also listen to specific speakers by following the spreadsheet attached here.  The times of the video are in Column A and the speakers are listed in Column B.



6:30 PM

Community Board 8, Zoning and Development

Northwell had been invited to share its plans for Lenox Hill Hospital.  You can watch the video of the meeting by clicking here.